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felicitous's Journal

Forever Since Yesterday
12 October 1984
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here's just a little bit o'shit about me. 21, from a snow-white suburb in massachusetts. can't afford college although i'm damn smart enough to be there, so i'm working as a nursing assistant until i can. i have a boyfriend but i looooove the ladies and he lets me play! so any interested females, drop me a line. i love good food, good spirits, and good people. cambridge is kinda my stomping ground as of late (west side lounge, chez henri, middle east, lizard lounge, upstairs on the square). i'm an avid reader of both novels and shitty gossip magazines. you'd have to pay me good money to watch fox news channel or any program in which our "president" is featured. i'm part of a bi women's rap group. i dick around with the guitar a little bit, but i'm not that great at it. i write poetry and prose and am always, always discovering new music to love.