Forever Since Yesterday (felicitous) wrote,
Forever Since Yesterday


the other night i met someone who looks just like her. a girl named jess.

maybe not exactly. but her face... the color of her skin, the intense eyes, those lips.
i've never thought i had a type.
maybe i do now.
or am i just trying to connect some dots?
i want a chance, not something that's predestined to fail

i'd rather walk around blindfolded. yup.
and meet everyone without seeing their face
living in anonymity.

and then there's the boy, the handsome boy
i couldn't take it any slower for someone so interesting
partially because i need to be single, partially because i want to be single
and partially because fuckface scared me away from sensitive men
maybe that's why i'm more attracted to females these days?
because i'm scared a feminine man is going to be just like that sickening liar.

only one month until i have health insurance, and i can resume therapy
and begin to start undoing the damage that he did to my psyche.

it's bedtime. i've been up too long. and thinking too long.

p.s. i'm starting to get over it... and i feel wholly empowered
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