Forever Since Yesterday (felicitous) wrote,
Forever Since Yesterday

the best part of believe is the LIE

I love Fall Out Boy. I don't care if you think they're sellouts because they're on MTV. Their lyrics are really, really clever and interesting. (Thus I frequently use them for a subject line.)

I have become utterly addicted to Myspace. Lately I've been getting a little antsy, kind of wanting to make out with a girl because it's been way too long since I indulged the gay side of my bisexuality. So I've met all these really cool girls, and it's amazing how some of the smartest and most intelligent women I've met in my young life are in the same kind of situation as me: a little alienated from the crowds they used to belong to in high school/college. So I've made some wonderful new friends, and a possibility or two for a little something more. *wink wink*

Going out tonight with Laurie for her birthday. I feel so fucking bad for her because it's her birthday and everyone seems to be shitting on her today for no reason at all. One of her friends invited her to sleep over then dis-invited her when her boyfriend decided to show up at 2 am. Another one brought her boyfriend to what was supposed to be a her-and-Laurie dinner. Another misplaced a gas card that belonged to Laurie's parents. For Christ's sake leave the girl alone.... I totally had that same shitty birthday about a month ago so I feel her pain. Hopefully I can make it better somehow.

Alright.... the love of my life is here and I need to give her birthday kisses so peace out.
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