Forever Since Yesterday (felicitous) wrote,
Forever Since Yesterday

Locked my keys in my car... for the sixth time

So apparently I've got strep throat now... white spotted swollen tonsils galore. I went to the doctors' yesterday and saw the infamous Dr. Alejo, who appears to be Asian but has a Mexican last name and speaks hardly any English regardless. (One time when I went in because I had stomach problems, she sent me packing with acne medication...) She wrote me a note to miss work yesterday, which I was pissed about because I was looking forward to the extra hours and money. Then when I tried to go in today, they sent me home again, claiming it hadn't been 24 hours since I'd taken my antibiotics, which they were right about, I guess. Dammit, I just wanted to work. (Haha... me wanting to work...)

Tomorrow I don't have to work because I'm going to Simmons for a tour in the morning, then I have therapy at 2, and then I'm free for the day. A pretty nice Friday afternoon if you ask me.

I found out today that Jeff's taking Jenna to the prom. Good for him, good for the both of them, the blonde cheerleader and the punkass pothead. I kind of set them up anyways. The only thing that I'm kind of upset about is that he seems to bounce from female friend to female friend really quickly- Katie, Amita, me, Jenna... I hope he doesn't totally ditch me because he's got this big thing for her. Whatever, I'll be getting the hell out of this place in 29 days anyway.

Catcher in the Rye has consumed most of my free time the last couple of days because I've been too sore-throated and streppy to engage in any of my usual activities. It's a good book; sometimes I feel sort of like Holden Caulfield... a maverick, a thinker, an intelligent underachiever. But then I look at his life and I realize that if I let myself get to that point then there won't be very much left for me.

Alright, I'm going to get back to attempting to type up something for Stats class.

Note... the stupid crush I mentioned earlier isn't going away. Goddammit, I'm really in for it.
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