Forever Since Yesterday (felicitous) wrote,
Forever Since Yesterday

War.... what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

So today I woke up to the sound of thunder, but I didn't know it was thunder for about thirty seconds until I came to. (I'd gone to sleep pretty damn tired and early as well.) It was dark and cold in my bed, and for a brief moment I'd thought we were getting bombed. And then I remembered, this is America and not Iraq.

I rolled over and looked out the window and all I had to fear were torrential rains. I didn't have to worry about getting shot by a camouflaged stranger when I left my home, nor did I dread going to the city for fear of the spreading of biological warfare. All I had to worry about was what to wear now that it wouldn't be sunny and dry enough to wear my Birkenstocks to school today.

God, what a sheltered and protected life I live. How selfish we are and how much do we take for granted.

Right now I'm wrestling with my beliefs. But no matter what they are, I pray that the God that many Iraqis believe in will save them from what America is doing to them.
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